From Customizable Floating Homes to Discrete Diamond Timepieces

 - Mar 28, 2015
When it comes to the best of the best of consumer goods, these March 2015 luxury products are definitely indicative of the season.

With Easter coming up in early April, many people are starting to think about chocolate and similar holiday-appropriate sweets. This is reflected in spherical chocolate desserts. luxurious Easter eggs, luxury Easter egg packaging, decadent chocolate truffles and ultra indulgent chocolates. A far cry from the small chocolate or creme-filled eggs the average customer can find, these March 2015 luxury goods are made from extinction-facing cacoa trees and cost considerably more.

With spring just around the corner and many people facing colder than usual weather, it's clear jet-setting and yacht life is on people's minds. This is evidenced by detachable superyacht designs, glamorous glass sailboats, $1 million SUVs and even luxury crowdfunded suitcases.