- Oct 20, 2008
They say 50 is the new 30, but that can only be true, assuming we’re talking about the physical form, if you have a bank account and discipline of someone like Madonna.

Apparently Madonna slathers herself up with a $1,000 jar of anti-aging snake oil cream every night at 8 pm, and then goes to bed zipped up in a silver body bag of some sort… all to preserve her youth, of course.

Because the Madonna diet involves a very strict organic regime, she can only have water when she goes to restaurants. When she could enjoy the best of the best, it’s a pretty restricted life she leads, a high price to pay just to look young.

The Madonna diet, according to her trainer, eliminates processed food, dairy, oil, sauce and spices, which apparently cause bloating and weight gain.

MonstersandCritics.com says, "Those sinewy arms and thighs come at a price. Her exercise routine averages two hours a day, six days a week, and rules her life. Madonna’s trainer is ensconced in the casa de Ritchie-Ciccone for the last year."

That being said, Madonna is incredible to watch. I had the fortune of seeing her perform live in Toronto this weekend and she truly is remarkable. Her body is even more amazing in real life, and her energy is higher than anyone, of any age, I’ve ever met.

Madonna Diet and Beauty Secrets to Looking 30 at 50: