From Sultry Vino Suckers to Breakfast Tray Pops

 - Feb 23, 2012
Keep your mouth happily occupied with any one of these loopy lollipops. Swap your usual rainbow-swirled pop for these sublime suckers and send your taste buds soaring. Sure, they may raise a few eyebrows, but these strange lollis are sure to capture your heart.

From bacon-flavored pops to lush logo suckers, these loopy lollipops will win you over with their overwhelming novelty and top-notch flavor. Experience your favorite jelly belly on a stick by indulging in a Lollibean, or take the edge off with an absinthe-flavored sucker. If the "joys" of pregnancy have got you down, have no fear, because there's a pop that will banish your morning sickness pronto. No matter your preference or mood, there is a lip-smacking lolli for you.

Fun, soothing and flavorful, these loopy lollipops will have your taste buds working over time.