From Mood-Enhancing Eyewear to Therapeutic Light Devices

 - May 20, 2015
These light therapy innovations range from mood-enhancing eyewear accessories to therapeutic light devices that are connected to one's smartphone. As the effects of a busy lifestyle begin to weigh down on millennials, they are turning to natural therapy rituals when curing common insomnia symptoms.

In addition to the retail market's recent aromatherapy craze, light therapy products are also gaining an immense popularity among a younger demographic of consumers. Rather than turning to chemical-filled medicines, millennials are curing their sleep blues with intuitive mood lamps and shades that put an end to seasonal affective disorder symptoms.

In addition, these consumers are also investing in mood-enhancing spa treatments and innovative home furnishings that are said to enhance their well-being. These include sensory light pods and therapeutic chairs that relieve restlessness and anxiety.