New Sensorium Enhances Outdoor Experiences with Biological Innovation

 - Feb 11, 2014
References: cargocollective & suckerpunchdaily
A New Sensorium is an innovative proposal for a futuristic pleasure garden that goes beyond the provision of fresh air, plants, picturesque views and comfortable places to sit. What Shifa Virani envisions is a method of integrating modern technology in ways that will enhance the human experience on another level.

Shaping benches and chairs with the organically influenced forms of rocks and soil mounds, the designer supposes that thermal, chemical, electromagnetic and acoustic features might be incorporated to affect the sitters' mood and wellbeing. Heat, light therapy and music will discernibly bring comfort to park-goers; meanwhile, invisible biological reactions will occur through skin absorption and inhalation that will improve the health and vitality of visitors. With A New Sensorium, a walk in the park might prove more beneficial than medicine.