Light Break: Wavelength by Nicolai Howalt is Visually Healing

 - Jun 3, 2014
References: nicolaihowalt & fastcodesign
The Light Break: Wavelength photo series captures the essence of the healing powers of light therapy. That is, in its attempt to explore the history of its therapeutic process, the images distill the experience in order for people to truly appreciate the different methods used. Fast Co. Design writes, "Resembling abstracted starbursts, eclipses, or minimalist tie-dye, these gorgeously colored compositions blur the line between photography, science experiment, and visual art."

Shot by Danish photographer Nicolai Howalt, the Light Break: Wavelength photo series was born out of his fascination with the work of 19th-century doctor and Nobel Prize-winner Niels Finsen. Turning his groundbreaking methods into artworks, he borrowed some of the original rock crystal lenses that Finsen used for his medical practices from Copenhagen’s Medical Museum to shoot the Light Break: Wavelength series.