Inspired by the Kim Kardashian Closet Makeover

 - Aug 27, 2012
This week's Kim Kardashian closet makeover has made a stir in the blogosphere as the piles of discarded garments signal her new, more conservatively polished look.

In the pile of garments to be donated are probably a vast amount of curve-hugging Hervé Léger duds, which she is partially responsible for the popularity of. The luxurious bandeau form-fitting fabrics of these designs were a favorite of the gorgeous starlet. Spotted on many red carpets sporting looks by Hervé Léger, Kardashian used the pieces to best show off her hot figure -- many fashionistas followed suit.

However, she is exchanging her sultry ways for more conservative wear as her new boyfriend Kanye West inspires her to strive for 'best dressed' status. With her recent style emancipation, it is probable that her sultry style will be somewhat muted. These Hervé Léger designs are an ode to the old Kim's signature style and a celebration of her future best-dressed potential.