From Limb-Like Selfie Sticks to Non-Intimidating Cameras

 - Jun 28, 2015
The June 2015 tech photography innovations continue to focus on the technical side of photography, from inventive camera attachments to the latest apps.

While some studies show that young women of the millennial generation spend 5 hours a week taking selfies, it makes sense that enterprising business people are inventing new ways to make taking selfies even easier. This includes crowdfunding campaigns for selfie stick flashes to get the perfect lighting in dark environments as well as selfie sticks designed to look like arms (so it seems like you have a friend in the photo with you and you aren't taking the picture yourself).

June 2015 tech photography also shows in increase in organizational tools, from photo tagging to family sharing apps. This could reflect graduation and wedding season, and people wanting to document defining life-moments more than usual this time of year.