ZZ Photo Image Sorting Software Organizes All Your Pictures

 - May 13, 2015
References: zzphoto.me & springwise
If you have more digital photos than you know what to do with, this image sorting software could come in handy. With the advent of camera-embedded smartphones and social media, we document our lives through photography more than ever before. ZZ Photo is an automatic organizational solution that lets you search for pictures by face, place or time. It also collates your whole backlog of pics and categorizes them into searchable groups.

Based in the Ukraine, ZZ Photo makes your collection of photos more manageable. The image sorting software can be downloaded onto Windows desktops and will gather all pictures from your hard drive and photo sharing sites like Facebook, Instagram and Flickr. Built-in algorithms identify, label and organize different kinds of pics. In addition to recognizing your friends, family and pets, ZZ Photo can also find duplicates and delete them.