The New Mixes Feature Enables Photo-sharing Based on Geographical Area

 - Apr 28, 2015
References: fastcompany
Lyve is a photo-organizing app that launched in fall 2014 that is attempting to reposition itself in the market thanks to a savvy, potentially disruptive feature. The Lyve app now has a 'Mix' feature, which allows users to pool and share images within private or public folders based on a shared location. Lyve creates one-kilometer "geofences" that serve as the geographical barriers of the Mix, which would be particularly useful for a family event where everyone is taking their own photos on smartphones.

Using "geofences" to place geographical barriers around the Mixes, which can be password-protected and to which individuals can invite other users. A unique feature of the app is a page where one can view all of the Mixes currently being curated around them.