From Gaming Keychains to Steampunk Pac-Man

 - Sep 3, 2012
The basic joystick controller has been around since the dawn of the arcade, and still today people are creating new joystick designs. Whether it's a joystick design for a gaming pro, or a joystick lamp to decorate a self-proclaimed geek's home, it is undeniable that the joystick is much more than a controller; it is a cultural mainstay and a work of art.

The joystick was originally made in the image of a aircraft pilot's joystick. It gives you extremely dexterous control over whatever vehicle you are piloting or video game character you are navigating towards rescuing a princess. New joystick designs are improving control in these cases, and are also making the joystick available for smartphone gaming too.

For the diehard gamer a joystick isn't just a controller; it is the weapon with which they will save the world.