- Mar 28, 2016
These job onboarding innovations range from in-store coding workshops to miner-training simulators that are designed to offer on-the-job experience through digital means. In addition to virtual and augmented reality simulators that correspond with medical, construction and aviation industries, other standouts include in-store digital art workshops. Apple's iPhone photography workshops are currently being hosted inside Dubai store locations in an effort to educate staff and visitors about the impressive features of the popular mobile product.

Other notable job onboarding innovations include artistic employee manuals that aim to feed one's creativity while celebrating a brand's core values. EF Labs' employee manual is a great example that is modeled after a children's storybook. Stamped with inspiring quotes like "have fun" and "nothing is impossible," this manual boasts colorful visuals and presents a brand's message in a clear and comprehensive way.

From Railway Recruiting Simulators to Freelance Management Platforms: