EF Labs' Company Manual is Inspired by Children's Books

 - Jan 6, 2015
References: labs.ef & fastcompany
Traditional employee manuals are often wordy, stuffy and a bit of a bore when a person comes straight down to it. Yet that is far from the case when it comes to EF Labs' employee manual. The educational company wanted to set the right tone for new employees and so looked to an unlikely source for inspiration: children's books.

Simple, colorful and full of playful illustrations, the EF Labs employee manual delivers core values, expectations and more in a way that is easily digestible and even entertaining. CEO Bill Fisher says, "We’re a company that tries not to take itself too seriously, so I think the whole idea of a corporate manual about values is a little un-EF, to be honest. We thought this was a necessary but unnatural act, so we tried to create some humor in it and make it a little lighter so it would embody the culture as we were trying to preach our values."