Interesting Flash Drives From Weapon USBs to Finger Flash Drives

 - May 31, 2013
In today’s day and age when everyone uses a USB to store their photos, school projects and documents, having an interesting flash drive that is deceptive and creative is a great way to have fun.

In a society where people love having endless possibilities of choice, it makes sense that you can purchase an interesting flash drive shaped like literally anything. All that needs to remain the same is the USB adapter -- the flash drive design is up to the creator. With weapons, your favorite TV characters, cameras and even food, deceptive USBs are becoming a super-fun way to upgrade the look of the mundane flash drive and weird out your friends.

My favorite deceptively interesting flash drive is the finger flash drive that, when plugged in, will make it look as though you have a creepy finger sticking out of your computer.