The Spaceport Rocket USB is the Perfect Docking Station

 - May 31, 2012
References: amazon & geekalerts
Now you can keep clutter and wires at bay with the Spaceport Rocket USB 4 Port Hub. This silver-finished ceramic spacecraft will rocket your functionality and move your productivity into hyper-speed mode.

Although it may look like a sleek man-child toy, this rocket has way more functionality than your traditional childhood space toys. This vintage Spaceport moon rocket ship comes equipped for use with 4 USBs that can be used to charge cameras, load thumb-drives, attach keyboards or to simply keep all your gadgets and devices connected.

Now you'll be able to keep all your electronics together without a tangled mass of cords and wires. This rocket measures in at 8.5" tall and is equipped with a 50" cable, freeing you from restrictively short electronic cables.

This space-crafted inspired USB is awesomely retro and looks great on any desk or workstation.