- Jun 25, 2009   Updated: May 31 2011
If you've hung around TrendHunter.com enough, you know that we love sushi--even inedible sushi. These crazy creations showcase just how much this Japanese culinary staple has rocked our proverbial world.

From LEGO sushi combos to silly kitchen timers, Christmas ornaments and even baby costumes, inedible sushi has pervaded into nearly every aspect of popular culture. Check out these fish-free creations and more below.

Implications - Somehow, food has become quite an inspiration in designer products. Inedible creations have given new meaning to the idea of playing with food with quirky designs that reflect the modern times. With so many creative cuisine ideas and plate presentations, brands are hoping to translate the artistry of the culinary world onto products that evoke the same joy consumers get at the dining table.

From LEGO Nigiri to Fishy Sofas & Cushions: