From Upside Down Houses to Windowless Abodes

 - May 12, 2012
Often the most impractical architecture is also the most eye-catching. Staying within the confines of normalcy can be a plague and definite block to many architectural experts, but many (luckily) stray from the status quo when it comes to shaping cities and homes.

Upside down houses, modernized doll homes and fully see-through abodes are only a fraction of the ideas that have been executed and proposed over time. Though perhaps such innovation is not entirely straightforward, these ideas are exciting and inspiring to designers and non-designers alike. Often eco-focused or socially provocative, it's these kind of developments that exist to make a strong visual statement.

Giving a real voice to creative designer-minded individuals, these examples of impractical architecture are among the weirdest, yet most brilliant creations among their kind.