KasaUovo Houses Are Environmentally Friendly Straight from the Nest

 - Feb 8, 2011
References: casauovo.it & treehugger
Perhaps society's gotten too used to the concept of walls and a roof, with refreshingly unconventional architecture such as KasaUovo Houses hatched each day.

These egg-shaped dwellings might just be the ideal form of a sustainable home. Made from wasted wood and recycled car tires, these delectable prefabricated dwellings are 750-square feet of modular masonry and passive utilities. With their shape enabling them to harness the sun, the wind and the rain, KasaUovo Houses are 90% recyclable and 70% more efficient than most residential properties.

Designed by Roberto Casati with renderings by Matteo Puggelli, an egg-shaped community may be coming to a town near you.