Aquaria Floating Pavilion Behaves Like Coral Amidst the Swell of the Sea

It just doesn't seem right to visit a gargantuan inland building to learn about the ocean's creatures, so one situated adjacent to a body of water presents little advantage either. As is too rarely attempted, the Aquaria Floating Pavilion aims to infiltrate the underwater world, allowing visitors to best observe and appreciate fascinating sea species in a much more natural habitat.

Pat Panupaisal's design is an imaginative piece of architecture that consists of white weblike pods housing an interactive program, all tied in together by a central spine. This fibrous structure weaves above and below the surface of the water, integrating tidal bridges between the different spaces, cyclically becoming submerged and exposed with the fluctuating swell of the sea. The organically latticed Aquaria Floating Pavilion encloses an Aquaditorium for viewing live animals and a Skeletorium of marine life skeletons.