From Kate Middleton For the Win to the Dating Site Murderer

 - Jan 8, 2012
Anyone who's procrastinated on the Internet has no doubt encountered time-killing, yet epic laugh-inducing image macros. From the Party Toddler, featuring a child looking inebriated with hilarious text about drinking too much, to the Foul Bachelor Frog, which denotes the lazy yet totally relatable things that single men do, it seems a bunch of anonymous Internet users would have no problems becoming full-time comedians if they wanted to do so.

Though many image macros are an offshoot of the popular advice animal meme, many have ventured off into uncharted territory and are creating their own formats. 'Yes - But No,' for example, answers innocuous questions in their first line of text while debunking commonly held stereotypes in their follow-up text. 'The Weeknd Problems' simply denotes problems fans endure with white text on a black background.