The Weeknd Problems Tumblr Highlights Woes Suffered by Fans

The fan appreciation for cryptic Toronto-based crooner Abel Tesfaye appears to be at an all-time high, as evidenced by this The Weeknd Problems Tumblr. Found within the grassroots blog is a bunch of "problems" fans experience as a result of being devotees of the emerging R&B artist.

For instance, one of the many woes denoted by The Weeknd Problems Tumblr is, "Getting so used to typing 'Weeknd' that you automatically type that in when you mean to say 'Weekend.'" Through personal experience, I can say this is actually quite a common occurrence.

The Weeknd Problems quotes are always written in white over a black background with the infamous "XO" emblem Tesfaye is affiliated with hovering in the lower right corner. Fans are encouraged to submit ideas as to how The Weeknd has impacted their lives in adverse ways; jokingly, of course.