Party Toddler Meme Denotes Drunken Baby Sayings

 - Dec 27, 2011
References: pleated-jeans & gigglefactory.tumblr
The phrases from the Party Toddler meme should sound familiar to anyone in their twenties, but when applied to a picture of a seemingly inebriated infant, the hilarity of "I could barely walk last night; I was crawling all over the place," and "Of course I’m cranky; I woke up half naked in a pool of my own vomit" reaches epic levels.

The Party Toddler meme is an image macro that denotes relatable sayings by people who have had too much to drink. What’s funny is that, often times, the phrases are applicable to the infant even outside the context of experiencing a wicked hangover. The creator does a great job at fusing phrases from twenty-somethings with a toddlers slightly intoxicated look.