The Schrute Facts Image Macro Falsifies the Facts of Life

 - Aug 5, 2011
References: knowyourmeme
The Schrute Facts image macro exploits the annoying and obnoxious, yet endearing personality of the beloved Dwight Schrute.

Dwight Schrute is notoriously known for his bold statements which always refute others' opinions. Fans of The Office have recently been spreading the template for this image macro which features Dwight staring threateningly into the camera. The captions on the Schrute Facts images are hilarious; the first sentence is Dwight questioning a metaphor or idiom which he then claims to be "FALSE." Although none of these lines are actually quotes from the television series, they're so funny that they definitely could have come right from the script.

Browse through the Schrute Facts image macro and create your own to take part in this hilarious meme.

Implications - Tech-savvy consumers appreciate Internet memes and blogs which are very accessible now. They allow them to interact with others, and they also provide them with a source of entertainment and creativity.