From Quirky Fable Stockings to Hairy Watercolor Illustrations

 - Oct 17, 2011
The very thought of human hair dresses and shoes is slightly haunting, so this gallery of human hair innovations may be slightly disturbing.

The tremendous creations that are developed from simple strands of hair is creepily creative. From Danish designer Camilla Skovgaard’s human hair stilettos to the human hair sculptures of President Obama, it looks like hair is no longer confined to one's head. The variety of designs demonstrates just how much can be done with those strands of luscious locks.

Apart from fashionable hair-inspired accessories, the countless artworks that make use of human hair is overwhelming. Some pieces of art, like the hairy cross-stitched ornaments, may be slightly creepy. Grab hold of those locks and take a browse through this gallery of human hair innovations for some bizarre, yet creative designs.