From Childhood Fantasy Apparel to Outerspace Outerwear

 - Jun 11, 2011
Hoodies are the quintessential garment of any urbanite, so it comes as no surprise that there are as many hoodie designs out there as there are people in the world. From Batman costume sweatshirts to $10,000 hoodies, it would literally be easier to list off nonexistent hoodie designs than to name every theme available of this functional fashion threat.

Sure, we’ve seen Nigo and his clothing line Bape introduce the world to shark-faced zip-up hoodies, but lesser-known hoodie innovations include the beer-holding hoodie pouch and the iHood Hoodle, which lets you hook up your iPod into the garment so that your fingers don’t have to be exposed while you shuffle through your playlist. Probably the zaniest of all the hoodie designs, though, is the unicorn hoodie, which lets you adorn yourself with a bedazzled mythical horn.