- Jan 23, 2013
Honey is a fantastic way to get you sugar fix without using traditional sugars or sweeteners, which is why these honey-infused finds will have you rummaging through your kitchen cupboards for a bottle of the sweet stuff. The bee-made substance is often used as a sweetener in tea or as a way to jazz up medicine time for kids, but these recipes and products take honey uses to a whole new level.

Renowned for not only its sweet taste, but its natural origins, honey is a superb way to sweeten desserts when looking for a simple substitution. Instead of sugar, why not infuse cupcakes or muffins with honey? Not only will it add a perfect touch of sweetness, but it will help them stay soft and fresh for longer than other sweeteners.

From Honey Baked Ham Cupcakes to Honey-Infused Cosmetics: