- Oct 1, 2008
You might think that home decor involves adding things--a piece of artwork, wall color, a window treatment--but when the task is also home organization, subtraction is the guiding principle to follow.

One of the easiest ways to subtract things you already own is to select furniture and decor that serves multiple uses. In the game of home organization, every item in each room must earn its real estate. The 34 products in this cluster each do that in spades.

Pet furniture is one of the most glaring opportunities for home organization. Consider the multi-function Duplex Aquarium/Cage, which combines a haven for fish and a quiet spot for dogs or cats in one sleek, inobtrusive design. Or do as the founders of Uhuru Design have done and mount geometric shelves on your walls to create visual interest without impeding the existing floor space.

Combination furniture is readily available for every room. The more additional storage each piece can provide, the more streamlined your home will appear. And don’t discount the value of products that save you time, like the Eco-Cook kitchenware line--being as efficient as possible is a key tenet of home organization.

The 34 products in this cluster streamline nearly every aspect of your life. From technology to pets and inclement weather, these solutions will help you towards your goal of home organization.

34 Multitasking Designs: