LG's Vertical Toaster

 - Apr 26, 2008
References: core77
You have a tiny downtown apartment, and you're addicted to bagels, but you're too lazy to run to Tim Hortons each time you get a craving. If this sounds like you, maybe you'd like LG's bizarre microwave with built-in toaster slot on the side.

It looks more like an old video cassette player, but apparently, it'll toast your bread or bagels for you, and despite what it looks like, won't hurl your baked goods across the kitchen when they're done. Instead of ejected them with force, the device beeps and it's up to you to open the little door to let your breakfast out.

This is a neat way to keep the food warm, but also a guaranteed way to forget them, leaving you to deal with green, furry bagels the following weekend.