From 8-Bit Warlock Games to Alchemy Airhead Spoofs

 - Jul 7, 2011
If you can't get enough products featuring the wizards of Hogwarts, why not check out these Harry Potter parodies. From fashion pictorials to movie musicals, people are finding hilarious ways to integrate Harry Potter into their lives.

Most of these Harry Potter parodies can be found on YouTube and fans are finding the most creative ways to make fun of Harry, Hermione, and Ron. Case in point, an incisive trailer dissection that mocks the latest Harry Potter teaser by narrating the literal events of the promo. Other quirky Harry Potter parodies include comics, mock book covers and even fake academy advertisements.

Implications - Consumers enjoy spoofing popular media franchises as a way to both show their affection towards a series while garnering mass attention for their work. Corporations may consider utilizing self-mocking parodies as an advertising tactic to attract potential customers.