The Harry Potter-Themed Book Covers are Witty and Creative

 - Apr 15, 2011
References: amysly & buzzfeed
Amy Sly, a book designer, has created a series of mock-up Harry Potter-themed book covers.

The book covers feature titles that concern the popular side themes of the Harry Potter literature. The authors are all important characters within the series, such as Rita Skeeter, Dobby, Professor Dolores Umbridge and Tom Riddle. The book topics are also based on the characteristics of the characters. For example, Rita Skeeter's book is about the mismanagement of public relations in concerns of the Ministry of Magic. Professor Dolores Umbridge happens to be the funniest; her character is well-known for wearing pink, loving cats and being passive aggressive, and her book cover is entitled 'Killing With Kindness.'

With her Harry Potter-themed book covers, it is obvious that Amy Sly is definitely a big fan of the series, and any fan of the series can appreciate her creativity and style when viewing her work.