Harry Potter Fuels ‘Wizard Rock' Genre

 - Oct 26, 2008
References: mugglenet
To put it simply, wizard rock is a genre of music where musicians use Harry Potter as inspiration for songs. The best Wizard Rock bands that we know of are Harry and the Potters, Roonil Wazlib, The Remus Lupins, and the charismatic Moaning Myrtles.

As incredibly obsessive Harry Potter fans, we are in favor of these slightly misunderstood musicians. These bands not only promote great music, but have helped popularize Hogwarts-inspired fashion.

Check out the gallery for some pictures, but to get a real taste of Wizard Rock, you’ll have to check out the band profiles. In the video above, check out a performance by the Moaning Myrtles in which they invited their fans onstage to help them sing "Prefects Are Hot."