From One-Shoulder Gowns to High Fashion Togas

 - Jun 28, 2011
Simple yet sultry, the style of the Greeks has become a classic in the fashion world and this is clearly illustrated with these Grecian goddesses.

With everything from dresses to shoes, the Greek aesthetic permeates all forms of high style. The look is so popular due to the fact that it emits a casually light vibe. A one-shouldered dress is simple and looks amazing on anyone.

Take a step back into history with these Grecian goddesses and you'll find yourself baring one shoulder in no time.

Implications - With so many dark styles emerging in the modern realm of fashion, consumers are looking for simpler designs. Pieces that stay classic while still being attractive are appealing to customers who want to maintain their look without being overexposed. Designers could focus on this desire for more subtlety in order to appeal to more shoppers.