Wearable Towels Are the New Snuggie, But This Time, For Summer

 - May 23, 2009
References: wearabletowel & videogum
Is the Wearable Towel the new Snuggie? After the wildly popular infomercials shot the silly Snuggie blankets to fame, other gimmic product inventors have been hungry for a piece of the corny advertising pie.

This Wearable Towel video uses attractive characters to sell its "practical" product, such as a brunette wearing hers as an over-sized Grecian-style towel dress and a bronzed buff hunk sporting his Wearable Towel like a toga.

I love how they use a woman in skin-colored lingerie to make you do a double take -- yet despite the fact she isn't sans bra, the Wearable Towel commercial manages to hold viewers captive.

So what do you think? Could the Wearable Towel be the new Snuggie?