- Jul 18, 2012
These absolutely ridiculous Snuggie-inspired innovations are laugh-inducing and cozy all at once.

Coming a long way from its original blue form, plenty of companies have capitalized on the unexplainable popularity of this oversized piece. When the original product initially premiered, many couldn't discern whether or not it was itself a joke. From there, it became somewhat of a cultural icon in and of itself, and hasn't stopped since. From parody commercials to interpretations that attempt to make the blanket-like piece chic, these recreations are enjoyable whether or not you genuinely love the Snuggie or not.

Though many of these recreations have been undeniably ridiculous, there's something even more off about the idea of Snuggies for dogs, an idea that was created and popularized multiple times. Whatever the future of this product may be, the only guarantee is that its existence will continue to get laughs.

From Floorlength Fleece Fashion to Pet Recession Blankets: