Nike Snuggie is Yet Another Version of the Blanket With Sleeves

 - Dec 28, 2009
References: nike & radcollector
I just didn’t think this Snuggie thing could go any further. A blanket, with sleeves… that’s it guys. Maybe my heart is too cold to appreciate the tender subtleties of the Nike Snuggie, but I feel positively perplexed by the powerful popularity of these plush ponchos. Whoa, all that alliteration made me have to pee… I’ll be here all week.

Moving on.

You can check out more on the Nike Snuggie by following the links below, but let me save you some time… BLANKET + SLEEVES = THIS GENERATION’S PET ROCK.

Oh who am I kidding… I am just mad I didn’t get a Nike Snuggie for Christmas. Happy Holidays to everyone who did.