'Romulus and Remus' Modernizes the Iconic Historical Figures

 - Jun 7, 2009   Updated: Aug 4 2011
References: daliborkonopac & behance.net
This photo set shot by Dalibor Konopac is called 'Romulus and Remus.' It depicts the infamous brothers who founded ancient Rome in a modern setting. Under the fashion direction by Paul Brun, Romulus and Remus have traded in their togas for teeny briefs, and their minions are similarly scantily-clad.

Click through the gallery for more images of Dalibor Konopac's 'Romulus and Remus,' and be sure to see some other ancient Greco-Roman innovations below.

Implications - There are few ways that draw attention to a brand more than overt sexual advertising. By appealing to the consumer desire for carnality, the company establishes itself as one that isn't afraid to toe the lines of good taste if they believe it leads to great marketing. This is the kind of fearlessness that attracts discerning consumers.