- Nov 16, 2008
The line between traditional gender roles is increasingly becoming blurred in modern society. Such gender-bending isn’t solely observed within the GLBT community, especially as females continue to advance in the workplace and men consequently choose to take on more domestic roles in the home.

Advertising, product development and marketing have all evolved to align more closely with these shifting gender roles. Transsexual Amanda Lepore has been the face of Jawbone Bluetooth headsets, MAC Cosmetics and Armani; Lepore also recently released her own makeup line. YSL has also released a men’s concealer targeted at both straight and gay men.

Some gender-bending products have nothing to do with sexual orientation, like the unisex flower pot rings, baby gender-selecting kits and Karl Lagerfeld unisex perfume featured below.

Check your traditional gender role associations at the door as you explore the articles in this cluster below.

From Transgender Scarevertising to Unisex Jewelry: