From Futuristic Kimonos to Punk Geishas & Cultural Cross-Dressing

 - Nov 22, 2009   Updated: Jul 26 2011
Geisha entertainers are woven tightly in the fabric of Japan's culture, and in our modern era of crowdsourcing and cross-cultural collaboration, borrowing and adapting aspects of geisha culture has proven to be quite popular.

In this slideshow of twists on geisha glamour, you'll see cultural cross-dressing, futuristic kimonos and punk geishas. Although some of these innovations depart from the true profession of a geisha, they're no doubt inspired by this ancient art.

Implications - This collection of 25 twists on Geisha glam is a remarkable one indeed. The Geisha is a really interesting concept that you can learn more about by going through the gallery.