'Techno Orientalism' is an Avant-Garde Photographic Wonderland

 - Jun 25, 2009   Updated: Mar 31 2011
References: calibrepics & behance.net
I would love to get gussied up like the futuristic geishas in Soon Tong's 'Techno Orientalism' shoot. Model Viktoria S dazzles with diamond-shaped black lipstick and highlighter-bright neon yellow and green eyeshadow applied by makeup artist Larry Yeo. Her wonderful outfits were styled by Janice Yong and Joyce Wong.

According to photographer Soon Tong and fashion director Ashburn Eng, "Techno Orientalism" takes place in one of Singapore's oldest playgrounds, which is shaped like a dragon.

Implications - As the economic power of the world tilts from West to East, more Eastern cultures, fashions and customs will be integrated into Western civilization. Businesses who refuse to recognize this shift will see their competitors rise above them in the years to come.