Aging Professor Fashion Meets Modern Asian at Commes des Garcons Fall 2009

 - Mar 10, 2009
References: trendhunter
Comme des Garcons is not a design house known for playing it safe; while last year they featured fake appendages, the Fall 2009 RTW show as a peculiar mashup of punk geisha, old male English professor and Victoria flower girl fashion.

The most notable highlight of the Comme des Garcos Fall 2009 show was the neon pink geisha hair wrapped in white netting that extended to the front of the models’ faces. Each of these veil-like nettings were adorned with a small red objects nestled against their cheeks; it was about the size of a lipstick print, but 3-dimensional, looking almost like a lady bug crawling on their faces.

The models were robed in charcoal and skin-colored neutrals of asymmetrical dresses, pants and floating capes. To put icing on the sartorial cake, the Comme des Garcons Fall 2009 shoes could only be describes as man-shoes, particularly when they were paired with slouchy professor socks.