- Jun 24, 2012
These glamorous geisha-inspired photoshoots show how the West looks to the East for visual inspiration. Americans and Europeans have been fascinated by the exotic rituals and costumes found in the Far East for centuries.

Geishas are traditional Japanese entertainers who perform artistic talents, such as playing classical music and dancing. To become a geisha, one must first be appointed as a maiko, which is an apprentice to a geisha. They are trained in stage schools where they learn not only how to perform, but also etiquette, makeup and hair styles to meet geisha standards.

Unlike North Americans, Eastern Asian woman prefer a pale complexion and geishas will typically paint their faces to a porcelain white finish. The hairstyle worn by geishas and Japanese woman for ceremonial occasions is called a "shimada." It resembles a tightly coiled chignon wrapped sleekly onto the top of the head. These geisha-inspired photoshoots are filled with oriental motifs and ghostly profiles that will have you swooning over the Far East.

From Choatic Kimono Captures to Shanghai-Inspired Shoots: