From 8-Bit Couch Cushions to Joy Stick Coat Hooks

 - Sep 10, 2012
Bringing fantasy to reality, these geeky gamer furnishings allow us nerds to continue our immersion in fantastical graphic worlds even when we aren’t staring at a television screen. Gaming has become more than just a time waster. There are those who argue that video games should be considered art. Stunning visuals and compelling narratives make video games comparable to the novels and films that have become a mainstay of our culture.

In just the same way that these films and novels inspire people’s decor and furnishings, so too can video games. Space Invader mirrors reflect the prominence of 80s arcade games in pop culture history, and Tetris furnishings prove that the falling block game has taught us not only how to organize virtual blocks, but also how to organize real rooms.

You can’t deny the that these geeky gamer furnishings appeal to a more tech-savvy crowd, but decorating a house with them is just as culturally relevant as any other style of decor.