The Arcade Coffee Table is a Multimedia Center for Your Home

 - Jul 19, 2011
References: libertygames & ohgizmo
The Arcade Coffee Table is perfect for that sophisticated man or woman who is still a young gamer at heart. Sleek and chic, no one would even imagine that it had a multimedia purpose when it is not turned on. Of course, considering that most people and households are slowly transitioning into the world of technology, guests may not be so surprised if they found you had an Arcade Coffee Table.

Brought to you by Liberty Games, the Arcade Coffee Table is crafted out of stainless steel with an embedded PC and 22-inch LCD monitor, which is designed to work with wireless joysticks and control pads. At about $4,800, you may wonder why you shouldn't just use your state-of-the-art television, until you realize this table will offer a unique gimmick to your home.