From Geeky Gamer Beachwear to Classic Gaming Tablet Protectors

 - May 10, 2012
Relive all the magic of receiving your first handheld gaming console with these nostalgic Game Boy Finds. In the dark days before 1990, video games were relegated to dark arcades and dens everywhere. When the Game Boy burst onto the market, gamers were finally able to find backseat solace in their portable consoles during never-ending car trips.

Showing an irresistible amount of enthusiasm for the Game Boy and its contribution to gaming culture, countless companies, artists and designers have paid homage to the beloved console in a variety of ways. From bars of soap to iPad covers, the Game Boy has found a home on countless products and oddities.

If handheld Tetris blew your mind and you're still carting around your old Nintendo cartridges, these glorious Game Boy finds are sure to capture your heart.