The Game Boy Camcorder Captures Images with Pixelated Perfection

 - May 27, 2011
References: gamesetwatch & ohgizmo
The Game Boy camcorder brings retro-gaming back into style. By putting together various bits and pieces, the modder called ‘kraettz’ assembled a Game Boy video recorder that captures images with a nostalgic touch.

According to Andrew Liszewski, 'kraettz,' "took a Game Boy Camera attached to an original GBA, added a GBA TV converter and a portable media player with 40GB of storage and came up with this amazing Game Boy camcorder." The result is a video camera with images that appear as though one is watching an actual video game. This device would be great for recording videos with a retro-feel. It may not be Mario running around on screen but just think of the possibilities for making up your own video game recording. It could be worth millions.