- Mar 30, 2012
Paying homage to pop music's biggest and most outrageous style icon, these Gagafied fashion tributes range from fierce pictorials to ravishing runway statement pieces. Embracing one's eccentricities, these bold fashion finds aim to push traditional style boundaries.

Unafraid to stand apart from the crowd, these alluring editorial spreads, runway presentations and conceptual accessory pieces are turning heads and making headlines. Fearlessly styled and fiercely flamboyant, these sensational Gaga fashion features are as edgy and avant-garde as the outspoken star they are modeled after.

Exuding a confident strength while embodying femininity, these glam geometric garments, pop star-inspired dolls and conceptual costume art pieces are just some of the Gagafied fashion tributes showing their love for the pop music sensation.

From Couture to Costume, These Fierce Finds are Pop-Star Inspired: