The Versace Shades at Karmaloop are Reminiscent of the Pop Queen

If you are a fan of Lady Gaga's brave fashion choices, yet can't work up the audacity to rock one of her outfits, then the Versace Shades at Karmaloop will help you find a happy medium.

The shades that were sported by Lady Gaga as she pranced around in her 'Alejandro' video are out, altered for the public with a subtle Gaga touch. These classic vintage shades are available at Karmaloop in a few limited styles of each vintage design; if you are truly a Gaga fan, then you must get your hands on these vintage shades.

Everything that celebs sport has the Midas touch, and everyone wants a piece of celebrity culture. The Versace Shades at Karmaloop are definitely a slice of this century's biggest pop phenomenon.