Burger King is Now Fries King to Advertise its Crinkle-Cut Fries

 - Oct 4, 2013
Burger King changed its name to Fries King, causing an uproar on the Internet. The marketing move is to promote its new limited 'for a time only' crinkle-cut, low-fat french fries. This temporary rebranding is reflected on the fast food restaurant's website, which now displays a new Fries King logo and the saying 'formerly known as Burger King.' The stunt is getting massive publicity, even becoming a trending topic on Twitter.

This collection of clever french fry advertising campaigns shows other lengths fast food restaurants have gone to in order to increase fries sales. Many of the ads focus on Fries King's competitor McDonalds, while others are from the joint formerly known as Burger King. These tactics includes print, commercials, interactive and other publicity stunts.