From Celebs to Models, Ravishing Red Hair Adds Flair

 - Jun 24, 2010   Updated: Mar 28 2011
Fiery red heads always make a statement. From magazine spreads to red carpet walks, ginger locks are always remembered. Red is such a stand-out color and when applied to gorgeous tresses, the result makes for an incredible beauty statement. Blondes may have more fun, but red heads will always be the knockouts.

Implications - Redheads, formerly personae non gratae in popular culture, are now being celebrated for their exotic, unconventional appearance. Red has supplanted blonde as the color that exemplifies fun and sensuality. Almost all of today's hottest fashionistas, celebrities and pop stars have worn ruby locks at some point in their career, and redheads are also being celebrated in mainstream art, fashion photography and even television shows.