Innovative Art Exhibit Gets To The Root Of Ginger Hair

 - Mar 12, 2009
References: telegraph
Much like steak and kidney pies, or Laurel and Hardy, ginger hair is polarizing. You either love red hair or hate it. I am sorry if that sounds like ‘hair discrimination,’ but it is just true; admit it to yourself and move on.

Root Ginger is essentially ‘just’ a study of red hair by photographer Jenny Wicks, but with anything of its nature, (ginger, red, strawberry blond hair) (whatever), it gets people talking, hot under the collar, wound up, turned on, turned off… Everyone has an opinion on it.

I imagine this is much the same way celebrities actually don’t mind too much being on a "worst" list. In fact, I think that has got to be the explanation for some truly hideous outfits which have been trotted out as of late, but I digress.

These are just a few of the very funny reasons why, admittedly against the odds, the new book and exhibition Root Ginger at Idea Generation appeal to me. They tap into the polarizing nature of "being a ginger" with a rather awesome exhibition on the subject which is tackled with humour and only a tiny bit of lecturing, although even this aspect delivers some really interesting "dinner party factoids" you would be good to trot out for a few years. An example I intend to use is that "Jesus was a ginger." I’m a ‘red tinged’ Cowbag myself!

The subject matter aside, it is a collection of really strong and striking portraits. Having had a sneaky visit, I suggest you go if you’re in London (Shoreditch) anytime soon.